Friday, February 8, 2008

A finger in every pie...


Details of a finished necklace for the upcoming Etsy shop. I had hoped to have it launched by Valentine's Day, but it seems as though I might have to put back a little, perhaps early March. Preparing to move house and spending so much time in the city finding a house to move into is taking up much more time than I would like.

I am starting to list my photography on Red Bubble- I only just discovered this yesterday after a friend pointed it out. They're like a cross between Etsy and Cafe Press- all the class and quality of Etsy with the Cafe Press 'we'll print and sell it for you' motif. I'll be listing some images for sale as greeting cards in the next few days, once I've made some large enough to the requirement. I need to get a bigger memory card for my camera...


Regina (Lexi) said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful crucifix!

Amy Yang said... Best Blogger Tips

That necklace is awesome. I love the details on it :)

Jen Crossley said... Best Blogger Tips

Stunning necklace!!