Sunday, February 10, 2008

The melody of a long forgotten tune

key to a forgotten song

Locking up the village this evening I stopped longer than customary at the music studio, where I suddenly noticed for the first time all these lovely things that had been exactly there for years. Of all the newly arranged exhibitions in the museum, the music studio is the most neglected, thick with dust, the musical instruments decaying from lack of care.

I took a few photos of the displays (found the above key hidden behind the books on the mantel) and resolved to go in some time this week and give things a good dusting. I suppose as assistant curator I should be doing this kind of thing, it's just that with all the politics and change around here there hasn't been much time for actual curating. I feel bad that I've never paid it much mind before- I suppose because it's right next to the front door and seperate from the other buildings, so we tend to overlook it. Shame.

During the rest of my walk I found a few treasures:

I'm really in love with the crooked piece of willow root, and the dried poppies (I don't even remember seeing them in bloom!) -the feathers are from the geese, and the tiniest white snail shell I've ever seen:

I've found a few new blogs today, all stemming from Lost in the Woods, who left such sweet words about this place on her own gorgeous blog. I've whittled away a great deal of my evening looking at her posts and the posts of her links. What with all of that, plus the addition of finding ripe fruit on my blackberry bramble and having marmalade toast, it's been a very satisfactory Sunday indeed.


Barbra said... Best Blogger Tips

I am a collector and saver as well and do feel most comfortable with my 'things' out and around me...but not in every space. I need minimal in some,maximum in others. Maybe I'm a bit schizoid!

thecuriousrabbit said... Best Blogger Tips

i have a bunch of old keys in a jar, i dont need them and i dont know what thery're for but i love them...

Little Brown Sparrow said... Best Blogger Tips

Barbara: I understand that! I do need a clean bedroom.

Curiousrabbit: oh you make me jealous! They're getting so hard to find for a good price. You ought to tie them to a ribbon and make a garland of them.

lostintheforest said... Best Blogger Tips

What beautiful finds!
It sounds like you work in a fantastic place...