Friday, October 17, 2008

Lost and Found

I have quite a large collection of images on my hard drive. Some of them are from a long time ago when I happily clicked 'save as...' and didn't bother to put a note where I'd found it, and others are random images I came across in such lovely communities as Lace and Flora on LJ - places where the darlings have -like my old self- neglected to name/remember the source.

Usually I refrain from posting that stuff here because I know how frustrating it is to see something divine and not be able to get any info on it. I also like to give credit where due and would hate anyone to think I was trying to pass off their wonders as mine.

However- this post is different.
It's made up of all those images that I have no idea about. Perhaps one of you will recognise it and share with me, and then we can all benefit once again. (And how embarrassing for me if any of them are yours!)

I'll have some shots of my own work coming soon- I've not been very happy with the way things are moving in the studio and as such haven't made alot. But I do need to do some photography tomorrow, so I shall share along with what will hopefully be a shop update.


Sunflower said... Best Blogger Tips

incredible.....incredible. spent a long time looking at your blog, so beautiful! i hope you'll visit me, too. breathtaking work, yours!!!

oldflowers4me said... Best Blogger Tips

please ,dont stop-i loved everything-those socks are so over the top divine-who ever has them hand them over-( sorry there just so dreamy )thanks for your notes 2 me over at my blog world-singing and skipping love jo.

Sweet Repose said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't decide which one I like best, they all speak to me, the colors,organic,faded...the faces sweet, full of innocence and wonder, but I think my fave is the chair in the kinda stuff...

Ulla said... Best Blogger Tips

I know the feeling of should I or shouldn't I... glad you did! I sometimes post odd photos with no links too, and amazingly have had people write me with the proper links - which is always a blessing! You have a wonderful dreamy eye!

LADY LAVONA said... Best Blogger Tips

That last image is a favorite of mine! The photographer is Marcin Tyszka and was featured in "Vouge Portugal"