Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Margaret for you again

Hello there poppets, I'm back from the city, and as it was such a lovely day today I took some house photos!

Front porch

The backyard, down the side of the 'mess' shed -the original 1930s garage that we're keeping for the messy jobs such as gardening supplies, chicken feed and rogue furniture building. Not to be confused with the art shed, which is bungalow (behind me in this shot) that we'll be renovating for the studio.

A shot along the art studio wall, showing the wildness of early spring.

Froots! This is a picture from 2 weeks ago. They have since swollen:

...picture taken yesterday. :) They're apricots I think, and there's a mountain of them! We also have an apple, a peach, a necturine, figs, oranges (which is bursting with blossoms that smell diviiiiine), some sort of bramble I am hoping is rasberries (but blackberries are just as lovely thank you!) and the most exciting of all...

CHERRIES!! I have never had a cherry tree, I am so looking forward to plucking it's rounded rubies.

We set up the compost today as well, and hopefully should get those veggie beds dug as the earth is starting to warm. The roses are all going crazy, especially in the front garden. I've another front garden shot for you now, taken this afternoon. First let's remind ourselves of what we moved in with...

...not much fun, all dry and dead and looking a little unwanted. Soon into moving we'd cleared it...

...though that left it neat, it was a little bald. But now things have a foothold, and spring has coaxed a few weary heads....

Admittedly the golden afternoon sun is helping (and yes a few green spots here could officially be classed as weeds to those gardeners of the non-chaos school), but there's no denying how much lovelier the place is looking. here are a few detail shots:

My giant rabbit nestled under the white Japonica...

My housemates fairy toadstool...

Tulips in the afternoon sun...

The birdbath hidden in the roses. I love this, it reminds me of the Secret Garden!


Liz said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm envious of your garden! It's simply divine.

oldflowers4me said... Best Blogger Tips

oh-yes you do have a very pretty garden-

LindsayLuu said... Best Blogger Tips

you live in a very magical place. the gardens are spectacular!

Robyn said... Best Blogger Tips

It must be such fun watching it transform. I'm enjoying the personal touches like the gorgeous rabbit and the toadstool. And is that genuine mosaic on yout porch? How lucky is that.

Janet said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your toad stool!!

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous home! What a lovely life you have!