Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Q is for Quality

Drive-by posting...I just had to share this man with all of you.

I've never seen an antique photo convey such expression. (And I'd like to order one time-machine to go, please.)

ps: Star Trek TNG fans...does he remind you of anyone?

hee! :D
Okay back to the serious artist gig.


sleeping poet said... Best Blogger Tips

*giggle* I love this little post. What a dashing creature! :)

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahah, last pic.

greavesdesign said... Best Blogger Tips

would I ever like to know that man's story!

(I love this little post too)!

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

It's an interesting pose for this period as well...

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

that really is a striking photo...

ODD imagination said... Best Blogger Tips

That truly is a moving photo. He seems sad; angst. I'll go with you in the time machine...

Q! He was always a favorite of mine.

Chrisy said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my....what an exquisite creature...and the photographer whoever it was is gifted...the light...the composition...what a treasure this is!

Lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

What a strange old picture...quite a resemblance. I suppose it could be Q, he could time travel right?

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Your old photo of the man is wonderful. It looks like around the Civil War period or even 1850ish, but the lack of clothing makes it difficult to be sure. The curious thing is that he has a beard grown in the style of the modern Amish, but no mustache, also like the modern Amish. I heard that the Amish became particular about this facial hair for married men specifically to distinguish them from men in the 19c military. And yet the Amish are against graven images. Is your man a non-Amish pacifist of his time, a prisoner, a poet, a lunatic (thinking 19c now), or a Joe? With this intersection of mystery, I think that you have a real find on your hands. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, so I clicked on your link to the archival description from the George Eastman house AFTER I left my previous comment! Call me slow! I was sort of close on the date when I said 1850ish and now we know that he probably was a photographer at that studio. The rest of it is still a mystery, however!

Ederafaerie said... Best Blogger Tips

Too funny, he does look like Q! What an intriguing photo-his expression is so haunting...

Julianna said... Best Blogger Tips

ha, he does sort of look like Q! What wonderful atmosphere in the tintype though.

Viola Braunizer said... Best Blogger Tips

Tutte le volte che sbircio, intravedo qualcosa di sensibilmente bello...
Every time I look through the door, I see something about sensitive beauty...

Secret Leaves said... Best Blogger Tips

You said, "I've never seen an antique photo show so much expression." I've never seen an antique photo show so much skin! Very interesting...

I have tagged you, by the way. You can see the details here:

Play along if you like. :)