Sunday, September 20, 2009

Space princess

I've been meaning to find a more streamlined and 'personal style' to my photos lately- the whole shooting it on a book thing is a bit old-hat, everyone's doing it. I have plenty of great surfaces in my collection to exploit, but I really like the lid of this Victorian box I found in the junk shop. Not the best shot in the world, but what do you think, is it just a bit too grungy? Is there a line one cannot cross when it comes to aged, grotted up stuff?

Hm. Anyway- while cleaning up the studio and things around it the other day I found a box of old half-done projects from last year; wristcuffs and brooches that are almost finished, they just need a button here or a metal snap there. I'm going to finish them and list them in my little brown sparrow store at reduced prices, just to clear them out of the way.

I have 3 new collections bubbling in my head...the future tribal Victorian Sci-fi has developed a softer, 1920s feel to become something I'm calling 'space princess'. There are lots of studs, nailheads, milk glass, pale colours and shabby fabrics...

Then there's Conan the Victorian - a blend of sword and sorcery and 19th century style which has already spawed a few pieces. Then there's 'good and evil Georgian' - simple things based on the early 19th century, with pale colours for good girls and dark metallic hues for bad girls. Don't get me started on Burlesque chimneysweep...

It's no wonder the desk doesn't stay clean for long.


Jo Archer said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the crocheted brooch and no the box isn't too grungy. I love the way you forge ahead of everyone else with your styles. Personally, I'm still stuck on the "old book" thing, but I've taken a vow not to create anything that has an image of vintage women on it again! Everyone does that, and it sometimes looks so twee and cloying! Burlesque chimneysweep! Can't wait!

Chrissie said... Best Blogger Tips
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Chrissie said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't know if it was OK to laugh at this post, but I did! I love the thought of Evil Georgian - what an imagination you have. Box lid well-chosen background.

(sorry I had to delete my first comment - ghastly spelling mistake ....)

JanetDavies said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the the box lid for your photos.
oooohhhh Burlesque Chimneysweep, that sounds promising!

Seth said... Best Blogger Tips

Great shots. I just love the last picture of the piles of supplies!

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, pretties...Cant wait for you to finish those cuffs. I probably need one ;)

Jeannine said... Best Blogger Tips

all of it, lovely, lovely, lovely! Oh to see the inside of your head! It must be so busy!!! But it is so very inspiring to read your posts and see you thinking out the creative process in a way for us =) Always a pleasure reading your blog!

Hexotica said... Best Blogger Tips

No, I think the lid is beautifully old and make a nice frame for your work. It's great to break away from the pack and experiment! I love the names you give your creative styles!

GreenWorks said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow what an excellent post and love your style!

Can't wait to see the Burlesque Chimneysweep - sounds intriguing.

And the Victorian box is a perfect backdrop I think - not too grungy at all!