Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming along quietly

So much to show you chaps lately, I've got about 3 posts in draft! Photos from redecorating, recent acquisitions, finished jewelry, a look at two of grandma's cook books, not to mention my backgrounds tutorial...

And yet all I have for you right now is this pic of work in progress. Well really more 'components in progress'. I've been experimenting with kuchi metalwork and paint, trying to get more space into the space tribal. And getting the tin snips out on anything metal that's within reach. I'm happy so far- and the earrings I'll be updating with tonight are so immensely awesome that I might just show you a sneak peek right now...



Corvid Delights said... Best Blogger Tips

Words escape me viewing these painted kuchi pieces. They are stunning! Those earrings look decadent and dreamy.

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Pretty Things said... Best Blogger Tips

This post just makes me hungry for more, and wanting to scoop all that up!