Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sparrow Country

1. 0906_Chicamacomico Station_0046-Edit, 2. Untitled, 3. peeping again, 4. Vintage Wallpapers, 5. Baxter House - dining room, 6. rest, 7. all dyed in the backyard, 8. new fabric, 9. Dining room, 10. Untitled, 11. Untitled, 12. "for your 8 track playing needs" @ never be nervous again house, 13. Campbell [?] Homestead - dining room, 14. Quilt blue fern, 15. IMG_9384, 16. Untitled

This mosaic really reflects the colours, textures and materials that I'm wanting to work with lately, but I've yet to find a descriptive term for it- for now it's just Sparrow country.

It's a little bit shabby cottage and nana chic, with some bohemian grunge mixed in. Add equal parts of Rachel Ashwell and Dottie Angel, blend with Regency period film style and drag the whole lot backwards through a hedge. Then lay in the sun and have a picnic.

What should I call it? English summer vintage? Romantic grunge? Shabby pop? I feel the need to label things- it irks me when I can't call a spade an upright landscape manipulation tool!


fanciful devices said... Best Blogger Tips

grungy grandma?
shabby english?
old-timey boho?
in any case, i like.

glimmering prize said... Best Blogger Tips

i call it absolutely beautiful. looks amazing textures and colors. it's what i would do here in VT if we ever found an old farmhouse to move into.

Sidereal Day said... Best Blogger Tips


I got a good chuckle out of "drag the whole lot backwards through a hedge. Then lay in the sun and have a picnic."

Julie Loeschke said... Best Blogger Tips

Whatever you call it,I love it. I needed a bit of perking up today.Thanks for the beauty.

Emily Gibbs said... Best Blogger Tips

That is romantic, shabby, gorgeousness!

grrl + dog said... Best Blogger Tips

I am a fan of granny chic, but granny has to live in a farmhouse.

french farmhouse grunge?

amth13 said... Best Blogger Tips

Very inspiring, just hunkering down with your photo tips and catching up after a week away. Can I recommend Cornwall, particularly Tintagel, amazing place.

Abygail said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm using the pics as wallpaper! Really such wonderful pics, thanks for sharing! :D

Alkyoni Pap. said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello! You are right, I don't get a notification so thanks for leaving a comment!
Also thank you for the advice! And yes, I've come to understand failing is a huge part of jewellery attempts - of any art really.
Ugh, it irks me too when I cannot find labels. Keep up the awesome work!

Alice said... Best Blogger Tips

Just beautiful! This is definately a style I could live with forever, but not sure hubby could.

Salzanos said... Best Blogger Tips

For me, it is "Treasured Memories". Brings back the memory of living on my Uncle Harold Cattle ranch, old barn wood, the woven things my mom made, the living of the people in 1950's. Good, warm feelings and comfort. Simple Gorgeous!

shibui said... Best Blogger Tips

I also thought of Grandma when I saw it! Beautiful. How about Grandma Memories or Grandma Treasures?

I personally don't like the 'shabby" as it reminds me of the mass produced "Shabby Chic" stuff which yours is not! Thank goodness.

Opulent Oddities said... Best Blogger Tips

Regency, no. I just, no.

romantic something. romantic grunge, i guess.

lace symbolizes romance, marriage, prim and proper, just all the things im so happy im not.

i still like it though. lol.

Corvid Delights said... Best Blogger Tips

I think Sparrow Country is perfect. Rustic farmhouse pretty, romantic with a little hippie grunge. it is sunny without being too bright, floral without being stuffy. I love it mate.

Vintage Green said... Best Blogger Tips

Whatever you decide to call your tattered sparrow hues...
they're beautiful.