Saturday, November 19, 2011

sweet little boulders

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Recent additions to the Pinterest jewelry board. I'm so in love with Pinterest, it's so easy to use and everything's all neatly organised. I do love to pidgeonhole.


Jen Worden said... Best Blogger Tips

I hear ya! I'm so much happier when everything can be placed into nice neat little boxes. Life can be SO messy! ;)

T-Rose Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely , these cool colors calm me

Lolo said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh lovely selection of jewellery.

I go through bouts of using pinterest loads and then not using it at all! I think I need to follow some more people over there really.

amth13 said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the last one,I have a thing for bluey green.

Petra Carpreau said... Best Blogger Tips

That circle of wood just make me want to whittle something! I need educating - what's pinterest? God, the things I don't know - it's just scary!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I love your stuff and found you via pinterest. I am an avid pinner and will be following. Hope you have a 'follow me on pinterest' pin. Ur stuff is awesome. i have been collecting for years too but ur pics give me so much inspiration to get it out of hiding and into the open. thx. x

Ahipara Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

sorry, that's my comment above and i'll click ID this time. ;)

alek said... Best Blogger Tips

Truly gorgeous are these treasures :)

Birgitta Lejonklou said... Best Blogger Tips

I just found out about Your terrible car accident and want to send my love and prayers for You and hope You will make a landing soon in a life You will find building You up again!
xxxxxxxxxx B

Lori Anderson said... Best Blogger Tips

Thinking of you!

Silver Charm Bracelet said... Best Blogger Tips

Every bead has a shape and color and character and beading them together should not be an easy task...nice and simple layered look got from it.

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thinking of you Penny and sending good wishes your way! Some hugs too!!

Also sending good Christmas wishes to you!

...Jackie xo

Jenni said... Best Blogger Tips

Penny, Thinking of you and hoping you are starting to heal and recover from the car accident. My condolensces for your loss. I live in Melbourne, too. If I can help in any way I will. ( I am away for another week) hugs, jenni

Jeannine said... Best Blogger Tips

I just read about your car accident on Etsy. I'm wishing a speedy recovery for you. I'm sending my best thoughts and well-wishes your way!

Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said... Best Blogger Tips

I just saw your notice on Etsy. I am sending you thoughts and prayers. I hope that you are making a strong recovery both physically and spiritually. You are missed here and I wish you the very best.