Saturday, July 7, 2012

Revving up the Muse

I think I might have what Fanci calls 'over-supply panic'. This is just two of my boxes of beads, there are at least 6 more, then a tin for the half-done earrings, a tin of the super-chunky things that don't fit in bead boxes, 3 boxes of smaller beads, 2 of charms, a tin for wire, a tin for bangles... I can see where she comes from with the supply overload, it's hard to stick to one project without getting a headache from your brain trying to make 32 things at once.

This is a little something I made to get the juices flowing- I find it helps to make something you don't have great expectations for in order to get the Muse 'revved up'. At some point this will go in Sparrow Salvage, when I'm ready to open there. It's true purpose though was just to get me in the swing of things to work on the bigger pieces.

This evening found me snug and warm at my desk, meditating on cluster pendants and watching YouTube documentaries. I found a lovely 1988 doco called The Victorian Kitchen Garden, it has such a relaxing medatitive quality to it with the soft English voices and wild ruins of grand estates. I've only watched the intro but I'm hooked already! Moppet enjoyed it too- I'm sure she's just as excited as I am about all the other ones down the side bar as well.


Alice said... Best Blogger Tips

Here, let me help with that supply panic. Just send about half of it to me and you'll feel better in the morning. Really you will!

fanciful devices said... Best Blogger Tips

Finally! its not just me!
dude so you really are blogging every single day? i dont even.

Sea Witch said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely pieces. I always enjoy seeing what your nimble fingers have wrought.

Beatnheart said... Best Blogger Tips

Just the music from that english Vicky garden program made me all warm and cozy and mellow... Looks like things are revving up fer you jolly jolly good.

Sandra said... Best Blogger Tips

Sparrow, thank you so much for liinking the Victorian Kitchen Garden. I think I'm addicted.

... your jewelry is nice too, why of course. *RUNS LIKE HELL*

PipnMolly said... Best Blogger Tips

You are fast becoming my daily habit ... (yet another)
and your pinterest too.

Skye said... Best Blogger Tips

I mentioned you in my blog. If you're feeling a bit down, please pop over and give it a read.

artistic rejuvenations said... Best Blogger Tips

what pipnmolly said. <3

Anvil Artifacts said... Best Blogger Tips

What pipn and artistic said and wow! your worktable is really clean. :)