Monday, January 21, 2013

Kindness of Strangers

Passing on the word through the blogosphere, Star of the East is having a fund-raising auction for azulado, who lost her husband suddenly to cancer. You can donate to the cause in the form of a raffle ticket or purchase something from azulado's shop.

Statement ring, in brass and orange ceramic, adjustable

I was speechless over the support given to me by the artisan community when I had my traffic collision- and now when I see these posts I do what I can for them- perhaps a little more than I usually would.

People often consider these sorts of things tacky; I can't see how. People like to support each other, and sometimes the only way you can do that is through money. That necessity of daily life, that which comes easy to some but not to others, that which is so unevenly distributed throughout the world and provides such a burden on the mind no matter how much you do or don't have. And to have that burden released at a time when the head and heart are heavy enough, that is something good.


artistic rejuvenations said... Best Blogger Tips

glad you are sharing. tacky? hmmm. i agree that i cannot see how. we have fundraisers constantly in my community. we have to survive one way or another and the help of a close-knit close-to-home or far-reaching community can make a difference. xoxo

Star of the East said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for spreading the word, Sparrow!

Sea Witch said... Best Blogger Tips

Not sure why anyone would could support for another tacky, but you are correct. The artisan community is a special bond of people.

Annette F Tait said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for sharing Penny :)
glad to have been able to help

Serpil Güneysu said... Best Blogger Tips

Sandra's shop is very unique with lovely, original items, I have seen a hedgehog ceramic on her shop it was so cute and There are also amazing, unique items on this raffle for Sandra, I hope one of them will be mine:))

Tammigirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness, are you always on holiday!? I found, through the glories of pinterest, a post of yours from July. In said post you were on holiday and taking pictures of your bird. I go to your etsy site and what do I find? You are on vacay again! This is not fair. Life is not fair. No, wait, the sun is out! You are forgiven.

fanciful devices said... Best Blogger Tips

the only ppl who could think it tacky have never lived in need. never not one day.
i send hugs.