Saturday, January 18, 2014



Boy I've been slack on this blogging front- a month since my last post! Well it is what it is, volcano season is upon us here on the wrong side of the planet and I've been spending most of my time laying on the bed in a zombie daze. The last 4 days were hotter than Satan's sauna/hot tub room with built in pizza oven, but I managed to get through thanks to a good supply of homemade watermelon slushies, cool showers and a barely coping portable AC unit, clinging to the knowledge that in a couple of days we would have a week of the weather out there now; cloudy, cool and intermittently rainy. For now!

antique books; scanning digital download fodder


Julie Loeschke said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm really excited about the new direction in your work and am looking forward to the downloads and tutorials. :)

angi eharis said... Best Blogger Tips

boy i can relate to everything u just said! glad to know i am not the only one praying for some motivation, good ol' get up and go! your pics are always awesome, tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

Jo Archer said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so pleased to hear you're giving yourself some time to rest and recuperate. Take it easy, Penny and good luck with your new venture. I'm sure it'll be fabulous, like everything you do. x

Wildthorne said... Best Blogger Tips

Catching up on the blogs, and that photo of the puppy (I call all dogs puppies) in ice is adorable. Looking forward to seeing what tutorials you are working on, and your collages. It is the time for hermiting and tinkering. I'm with you there.. in that space. <3