Saturday, March 22, 2014


It really doesn't feel good to me how long I go between posts. I gotta fix that. I should just post about any old crap like I used to on Livejournal. There's many facets to the Sparrow, you don't see half of them here! Note to self. Anyway- that's for later; what have I been up to? Well...

 Couple months ago Dad decided he wanted a high quality printer (he makes magic lantern slides for a hobby) and I chipped in so I would finally be able to print my own photos at home instead of sending them to the lab. It's fantastic to be able to set up a shot, process the image and print it out all in under an hour! This means I can start offering my prints again in Sparrow Salvage, something I'd been meaning to get back to but put it on the back burner. Til now! I prefer printing at home, I have direct control over my prints; full control over the colour tones and paper quality. What's more I can print them when they're ordered rather than buying a bunch of pre-printed and worrying they won't sell.

I've been making stuff, sorta. I took photos for a tutorial I was writing on my bangle earrings, then I started wondering if I wanted to do a tutorial on it, then I figured I might as well since I have it all written out, then I wondered does anyone even need a tutorial for these? Its pretty easy to figure out on your own isn't it? I don't know- I have an ability to look at something and within a few minutes I can figure out how it's done, so I don't know what people do or don't need instructions for.

Of course I've been busy with Fagin's - where most of my time goes. The whole process of buying stock, photographing it, researching it, watching the evening sun wash over it when it sits on my desk... I love it.

I've built up a serious collection of vintage necklaces that either break while I'm cleaning them (and I'm gentle!) or have been re-strung in the past and were poorly done, or ones that come in a bulk lot but aren't worth listing on their own for whatever reason. I had meant to either make new things with them or restore them, but I've tried several times and just don't have the interest. I'd rather sell the supplies to all you chaps, because I know you will make things you care about.

Here's a pair of earrings from one of those 'tries'. I mean they're nice n all, with those gorgeous faceted crystals from the 1930s and the miniature art forms of Kim's headpin and Petra's pottery stick... I tried telling myself it's just a day job and it helps raise money for England, but there's just no passion or challenge in making jewelry any more. I need to make a big sign to go over the desk 'do it for England!'

so homesick... 
Ahhh...that's better.


Gigi Harlan said... Best Blogger Tips

That's very interesting about the magic lantern slides. Good for Dad! Like your Dad you just need to follow your heart and do what you like. I am sure it will be wonderful and get you to England! I love your posts no matter how far between...

Gigi @ Old World Patina

fanciful devices said... Best Blogger Tips

have i said yr photos are insane before? only a million times? the one of yr art photo over the original assemblage!!!!!!! and selling supplies is its own art for i think. craft form? idk. just close your eyes and think of england.