Friday, June 6, 2014

This Week's Best Instagrams

I don't want to start another blog post about how I leave too much time between blog posts... oh except I just have. Oh well. Hopefully that's remedied now, as this week I finally finished my blog plan - which I'll tell you about later because it's super awesome and interesting and you learn stuff.

Anyway, part of that blog plan is regular posts, and themes can really help with that too. So this post is (officially at least) the first in a series of weekly posts where I share my favourite shots from my Instagram. I use IG for behind the scenes type shots - stuff I'm working on, shops I'm in, scenery I'm driving/walking past. It's a great little art journal to have with you everywhere you go. Though the posts will be 'weekly highlights' this first one is just my latest faves, so it includes May as well. On with the pretties!

I love doing paper collage but I hate the commitment of sticking the stuff together, so I'm doing a series of collages that are photographed instead of glued. I can then offer them as prints and everyone gets a chance to own the same piece.

Beautiful fabric from a thrifted pillow cover - almost exactly the same as the wallpaper we had in the hallway of my childhood home.

Inventory for the antique shop, which has to be packed away neatly all the time on account of I currently live in a slightly larger shoebox than the one in the picture and clutter drives me crazy!

pretty bits from the antique paper stash.

Edwardian lithographed postcards from Germany - wondering if I should sell these as 
prints as well as ephemera in Fagin's...

Vintage wallpaper score from eBay - the whole lot in one auction! I was the only bidder too, the listing was poorly explained and after 3 emails I still couldn't understand exactly what I was bidding on, so I took a chance and was well rewarded! Again on the theme of childhood wallpaper, that one in the front with the tiny green leaves and pale blue roses was in my bedroom.

Brass bells I scored last weekend on a day trip to a near-by antique center. They're brass which has been painted black and then carved back, so they look like Spanish damascene. I've never seen any like it! They will go in the shop eventually but for now they enjoy life on my desk shelf.

A few more scores - Australian cotton box and a pair of 1930s prints, from the same day I scored the bells; the tablecloths and the coat hangers were yesterday's thrift finds.

Sleeping beetle out the back of the local car mechanics - hopefully it's there for repair and not plunder. There really should be more bugs on the road, they're one of my favourite cars.


Seth said... Best Blogger Tips

Love these shots. And we are on the same wavelength as just a few weeks ago, I started to post my IG shots on my blog as well :-)

Angel Whisperer said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sweet PENNY <3
I was so happy too see You had a couple of gorgeous earrings in the sparrow shop !!! I allways did love Your jewelry... no one else can do that kinda stuff !!
I also read an old post about not going to England and I have been thinking about You and the move..and the money needed..
Im happy for You that You found a new way to go ahead ...
40 is good :-)
I had my 60 and that was a bit diff too and 50 more to come !! ..development.... hopefully :-)
My girl just went back to New Zealand and this time with her furniture coming later on a big boat... hm... If she settles there suppose I may go a few Years ... we will see...
Thinking about You sweet Penny all around the globe
xxx B

fanciful devices said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my goodness hello glorious photos! hadn't checked in since i got back, what a reward for the peepers. i adore the idea of photo collages... paper collages photoed..... temporary paper collage photos? I just adore it. you should add your stash of ... everything, you should add everything you own to them. also the bells? swoon!

ArtLife Creative said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the new blog header!I hope to see you come out to play again soon as Spring is almost here and the sun is shining (today) on this golden land of ours. cheers Tina (the terrible luker finally coming out of her shell)